January 2023 Vibes

Happy New Year to everyone!! I hope 2023 will bring lots of joy, good health, abundance, and goodness that you truly deserve! The year 2022 brought enormous challenges, trauma, pain and difficulties for many. It certainly did for several close friends who celebrated the closure of 2022.

Fortunately, I didn’t experience the same tribulations or distress; however, health issues left me feeling drained and not my usual self, so I, too, am looking forward to renewal this year.

2023 is the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit, which promises to bring renewed energy, new beginnings and hope. The cards certainly carry a message of divine timing and renewed hope. Serendipity will guide you and steer you on the right path, so have faith.

The future is bright, so be optimistic and take comfort in knowing that you are blessed because the Universe, your angels, your guides, and your ancestors look after you and have your back. 

You are entering a new phase when you need to release old energies that you have outgrown and are anchoring you in the past. It is time to move on; liberation is ahead, and the ascension to a new you. Leave your old reality behind and search for a new one that will bring more satisfaction. 

2023 is also an opportunity to face your fears and darker side, work through personal issues and a year for your star to shine bright. Tapping into your imagination and creativity will help manifest your dreams.

As you let go, focus on the future, feel inspired and know that the stars are aligned in your favour. It is time for you to shine, so believe that miracles can happen, and your wishes fulfilled.

To realise your dreams, stay grounded; be disciplined, organised, and focused. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries and protect yourself from the demands of others, distractions, and chaos. You will succeed by taking control, creating structure, and harnessing your willpower. Surround yourself with the positive energy of others, white light, black stones, and the knowledge that your guides, angels and ancestors are also protecting you!

About The Author

Living Tarot, doing readings, sharing and teaching Tarot is my life purpose. I love helping others transform their lives through Tarot. Together we bring insight into your current situation, inspire you or help you transform your experiences in love, relationships, money, career and abundance, fear, procrastination, pain or self-worth. Transformation and healing with Tarot is one unique path that I have created for you to identify and work through any limitation for your potential.

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