Tarot Readings

Allow the wisdom of Tarot to bring clarity and guide you towards your goals and dreams!

Tarot is an amazing tool for insight, illumination and personal transformation, and it will provide you with answers to your questions.  The Tarot cards will reveal obstacles, hidden factors, solutions, options and potential outcomes that will help you move towards change and manifestation.

A reading will help you understand the opportunities and challenges or your current situation, offer pathways of action and potential outcomes. Tarot provides the wisdom and soul guidance that will help you towards healing and personal transformation. It will highlight your strengths, as well as weaknesses and shows where change may be necessary.

Tarot will reveal the energies around you at present and will indicate what you need to focus on in order to get to where you want to go. Tarot will reveal blockages and obstacles that prevent you from healing, moving forward or achieving your dreams and goals in life. It will guide to back onto your true path and bring you into alignment with your soul. A reading will provide you with direction, confidence, solutions and the empowerment to determine your own destiny.

Tarot Reading

30 Minutes - $60
60 Minutes - $100

Are looking for insight into your current situation and wondering which direction to take? Are you confused or need to make important decisions but don’t know which path to take? Are you unsure about your career, relationship, looking for love or wondering what is ahead for you?

A 60-minute reading will give clarity and guidance that will inspire you and empower you in making the right choices. You will discover what is supporting up, what challenges you may face and what the outcome will be if you continue down your current path.

What do you need to know in order to move forward with your life?

In-Depth Tarot Reading


If you are looking for greater insight into your current relationship, love life, finances, career goals, success, life purpose or personal transformation, then the 90 minutes In Depth Tarot Reading is perfect for you. This reading takes a holistic approach taking into account Past Lives, Numerology, Astrology and includes messages from Spirit.

Not only will you get the clarity, inspiration, answers, solutions and inner peace that you need, but you will also gain spiritual alignment. You will finally be able to remove blockages that having been preventing you from moving forward and begin to manifest what your soul truly desires.

Finding Love Tarot Reading Package


Are you having difficulty in finding a truly loving relationship? Do start new relationships only to find them ending in disappointment? Do you seem to attract the wrong kind of relationship over and over again? Do you feel that you will never find true love? Are you still carrying around baggage from past relationships? Are you having problems with your current love relationship?

This powerful Reading package will help you to identify and release old patterns, pain and relationship baggage from the past and allow you to heal so that you are able to bring love, fulfillment, happiness and joy into your life.

The Finding Love Tarot Reading Package will look at your current beliefs around love and relationships, what may be hindering you and provides guidance into finding love.  We’ll discover what it is that you a really looking for in a partner and the so that you start to attract the right partner into your life and bring love into your life. Are you ready to bring love into your life, the kind that feeds your heart and soul?

Career, Success & Life Purpose Tarot Reading Package


Do you know that 80% of people hate their jobs?Are you feeling stuck in your career? Do you feel that the work that you do doesn’t provide the fulfillment that you desire? Are you considering a change in career direction, but don’t know what to do? Do you enjoy the work you do? Does it feed your soul or just pay the bills? Do you feel that career success eludes you?

The Career, Success & Life Purpose Tarot Reading Package will help clarify your career goals, dreams and aspirations. This reading will reveal your strengths and weakness, hidden influences that are blocking your career success, as well as potential opportunities or options that you may not have considered. You will understand your life purpose and set goals that are in alignment with your soul and help you focus on what changes you need to make in order to bring about manifestation of your dreams.

All Readings Are Face-To-Face Or Via Skype, Phone Or Email Readings

For all Email Readings, questionnaire will be emailed to you before the reading and you will need to answer the questions and return them to me before the reading commences. After I have received your answers, the email reading will be completed within 48 hours and will be delivered into your inbox as a PDF of the spread, along with approximately 1500-word description of the reading.