Space Clearing

What is Space Clearing?

Space clearing is the art of clearing and revitalising the energy of a space.​ A space clearing ritual helps to clear stagnant, stuck energies. I would recommend a space clearing session every year or after a relationship breakup, illness or if you are feeling stuck.

I would strongly recommend a space clearing before moving into a new home, business or workspace. You would not wear someone’s second-hand clothes without washing them, so why move into a home and take on the arguments, pain, unfulfilled ambitions, grief, sadness and disappointment of all the previous occupants?

By simply living in your home, dust and dirt accumulate: the same thing happens on an energetic level. Repetitive behaviours and trauma get deeply imprinted into the very fabric of the building. Space clearing removes the negative vibrations and replaces them with clear, positive, healing energy.

Space Clearing helps you sell your property! Prospective buyers love a clean, uncluttered home where they can imagine themselves living. If the energy of previous owners is still apparent, it can make the property difficult to sell. By shifting the stuck energy, the home will feel ‘clearer’, more attractive and easier to sell.

When do you need Space Clearing?

I recommended space clearing at least once a year, but especially when:

After a space clearing, space will feel lighter, brighter and more energised. The positive, healing energy will vibrate throughout your home and has a transformative, magical effect!

“My investment property was on the market for seven weeks and hadn’t sold. Natasha went
in and got rid of the negative energies, and the apartment sold six days later! Thank you!”

- Sue G.

What is involved in a Space Clearing session?

Depending on the complexity and the property’s size, the space clearing takes 1.5 – 2.5 hours. Shamanic drumming and healing, ritual, tingsha bells, incense, candles, smudging, salt and sage are all used during the space clearing session.

Consultations range from: $350 – $480 and are available in Victoria.

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