Learn To Read Tarot in 5 Easy Steps

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Product Description

5 Module Course  
Studying Tarot is an incredibly enriching experience that will enhance your personal development and give you a greater understanding of yourself and others.

However, the Tarot system is complex and it can be quite daunting when you begin. Trying to remembering the meanings of all 78 Tarot cards can be overwhelming, especially when each card can have a completely different meaning depending on the focus of the reading.

That’s why I created the Learn to Read Tarot course – so that you can understand the basic principles of Tarot simply and easily! With the right information and guidance, you can fast-track your learning and start feeling confident as a reader.

I’ll show you how to connect with the Tarot Cards and their meanings, develop your intuitive reading skills and learn how to pull the “story” together in a way that results in a reading that is meaningful, positive and inspiring.

The Learn to Read Tarot course consists of 5 Easy Modules that will soon have you reading the Tarot cards with ease and confidence, without being dependent on the books or spending hours trying to memorize the card meanings!!

  • Module 1: The Minor Arcana Matrix
  • Module 2: The Court Cards
  • Module 3: The Fool’s Journey
  • Module 4: The Major Arcana
  • Module 5: Themes, Flows + Combinations

As well as exercises that will help reinforce the lessons and bonus gifts that are magic!