Numerology Master Class

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Numbers are the language of the Universe, and Numerology is the science of numbers. Your name and date of birth reflect your soul’s cosmic blueprint and vibration. The day you came into this world, and the name chosen for you, is no coincidence! 

Numerology helps you understand your destiny, life lessons, life purpose, strengths and weaknesses, compatibility and any karmic debt owed. Discover your challenges and how to overcome them. Learn when your peaks in life occur and explore your unique talents and skills and how to optimise them.

The Numerology Master Class is a 6-Module On-Line course that includes all the Core Numbers: Day, Life Path, Soul, Personality, Destiny Numbers and Personal Year. You will learn about the Personality Grid, Lines, Arrows and Missing Numbers. Also incorporated in the course are Pinnacles and Challenges, Love Compatibility and Careers according to Numerology. 

The online Numerology Masterclass includes one-on-one mentoring by phone or Zoom. Face-to-face classes are also available. Cost: $300

The next Numerology Master Class commences on Wednesday, 6th March 2024. Register now by getting in touch or purchasing online.


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