March Vibes 2024

March carries the magical energy of Pisces. Compassionate, empathetic, highly sensitive, intuitive and psychic, they care and nurture those around them. 

Stillness, soul-searching and introspection are necessary this month to move forward on your life journey. Self-reflection will bring a new understanding and allow you to release the pain that holds you back from living your life to your fullest potential. 

After a hectic start to 2024, March is the time to stop, enjoy some peace and serenity, and listen to your inner voice for guidance. Wisdom and understanding is the key to healing. Know that you are safe and protected, as the Universe, Spirit guides, angels and ancestors have your back.

Irrational fears and an exaggerated, unrealistic sense of danger have restricted your progress and success. Face up and control that which you fear. Life challenges us in different ways, and it takes courage to fight feats and confront the adversities of life. Taking the plunge is a test of inner strength, passion, and will. One cannot grow without taking that first step of courage.  

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”—wise words from the Taoist Master Loa Tzu. Just taking the first step is liberating and satisfying. With courage comes success and the realization of your dreams. Break free from your comfort zone, be a bold explorer. Travel, be adventurous, and discover what’s out there for you and only you.

Friendships are an essential aspect of our lives. Although some are brief, they are meaningful and change our lives forever. Each and every one of these encounters, long or short, enriches our lives forever. Every lesson learned is a step closer to enlightenment. Like anything, friendships need to be nourished and nurtured. Spend some time enjoying the company of your friends and connecting with your tribe.

About The Author

Living Tarot, doing readings, sharing and teaching Tarot is my life purpose. I love helping others transform their lives through Tarot. Together we bring insight into your current situation, inspire you or help you transform your experiences in love, relationships, money, career and abundance, fear, procrastination, pain or self-worth. Transformation and healing with Tarot is one unique path that I have created for you to identify and work through any limitation for your potential.

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