December 2021 Vibes!

Well, 2021 is almost over, and most of us can’t wait to see the end of another challenging year! Friday 3rd December is the last Dark Moon of 2021 and our last chance to release; let go and clear out the negativity of this year.

I love the spontaneous, free-spirited, and limitless energy of Sagittarius and Saturday 4th brings the New Moon in Sagittarius. It’s a magical SUPER NEW MOON and a solar eclipse, and you are sure to feel its mystical and expansive power.

This Super New Moon heralds unexpected opportunities, new beginnings. It will inspire us to open our minds to new ideas, beliefs, and possibilities. The house of Sagittarius rules spirituality and philosophy, so you’ll feel drawn to embrace your inner truth, knowledge, and the evolution of your personal beliefs and philosophies.

Welcome the change-filled vibes of this New Moon to evaluate your paradigms and goals as we head towards 2022. Movement and change are necessary for spiritual growth, so break out of your comfort zone and be adventurous!

Look back at what you have achieved this year. You have worked long and hard, and now you can relax and enjoy the abundant life you deserve! You will be reconnecting and catching up with friends, family, and people from your past. Love, friendships, and soul-mate relationships help us to heal, evolve and grow.

The festive season is a time to celebrate, share gifts with friends and indulge in good food, wine and merriment. Feel blessed! However, now more than ever, some are finding life seriously tough, so be kind, charitable and generous whenever you can.

Mid-December brings gifts and unexpected opportunities – especially financially or related to career or business. Get ready and be open to receiving the abundance coming your way! The Ace of Pentacles delivers something precious – money, an opportunity, health, love, or a wish!

The last week of December leads into Capricorn season and a chance to focus on goals for 2022. The Devil encourages us to break free from the stagnant, stale energy of the past year. We don’t need to hold on any longer! Begin next year feeling free, invigorated, and focussed. Your intention is everything; remember that what you think about, you manifest!

Have a blessed December and festive season, in which every way you love to celebrate this magical time of the year!!

About The Author

Living Tarot, doing readings, sharing and teaching Tarot is my life purpose. I love helping others transform their lives through Tarot. Together we bring insight into your current situation, inspire you or help you transform your experiences in love, relationships, money, career and abundance, fear, procrastination, pain or self-worth. Transformation and healing with Tarot is one unique path that I have created for you to identify and work through any limitation for your potential.

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