Moon Magic

This month we are fortunate to have not only a lunar eclipse, but also, a Blue Moon! A Lunar Eclipse occurs only at a full moon, when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other. The Earth then passes between then, partially or totally blocking out the Sun’s rays and darken the moon.Blue Moons occur when we have two full moons in one calendar month or astrological month. The next full moon, partial “Blue Moon” and Lunar Eclipse, beginning at midnight on 31st January.

Eclipses happen when there’s a full or new moon, usually four times a year and always occur in pairs, fourteen days apart. The period between the two eclipses is an especially powerful time when the veils are thinnest. It is said that the first opens the portal and the second eclipse closes it.

There’ll be plenty of mystery and magic around this time, so pay special attention to your intuition and take note of your dreams, gut feelings, hunches and coincidences that happen to occur during this time! It’s also a great time to cleanse and charge your Tarot Deck, crystals, pendulum or magical tools!

Most cultures celebrate the new and full moons, as well as seasonal changes such as spring, summer, harvest or winter. You can use the energy of full and new moons and include them in your spiritual and Tarot practice.

The new moon is the perfect time to set new goals and intentions as the moon begins to grow and wax. Setting goals, starting new projects or business, brainstorming, daydreaming or anything that focusses on expansion is associated with the waxing moon. Tarot spreads for career, business, new relationships and life purpose are ideal during this expansive time.

The Full Moon is powerful and great for creating vision boards, charging your Tarot cards and crystals or a full moon ritual. The waning moon is fabulous for releasing and letting go all that no longer serves us. Tarot spreads that look at moving on, letting go, healing, decluttering your life or cleansing your soul are perfect for the releasing energy of the waning moon.

Past Life Oracle Cards

Past Life Oracle Cards are very helpful in revealing past life experience that may be affecting you in your current life. Many blockages around love relationships, abundance, money, food, parent-child relationships and personal power can sometimes be linked to a past life.

Often, if the karmic work has not been completed in a previous life, we go through a similar experience in our current life. Sometimes the memory of a past life lingers, imprinted in our mind like the grooves in a record. We may be repeating patterns, behaviors and belief patterns simply because they are so familiar.

Linking our current patterns of behavior to past lives can be very cathartic. Once you become aware of the connection and identify the origin of the blockage, you will then able to free yourself from restriction. Consciously reminding yourself that it relates to a past life and you no longer want or need that pattern in the current life.

About The Author

Living Tarot, doing readings, sharing and teaching Tarot is my life purpose. I love helping others transform their lives through Tarot. Together we bring insight into your current situation, inspire you or help you transform your experiences in love, relationships, money, career and abundance, fear, procrastination, pain or self-worth. Transformation and healing with Tarot is one unique path that I have created for you to identify and work through any limitation for your potential.

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