Tarot Master Class 2023

The Tarot Master Class is a 15-week course that is perfect for anyone who wants to master the art of reading Tarot. The internet certainly provides a plethora of information on Tarot cards and their meanings. However, this can result in total information overload, confusion and frustration.

Slow and steady always wins the race! You will become truly proficient and confident through the consistent learning, understanding and practical experience of doing readings each week that this course provides.

I will share some powerful reading techniques that will have you reading at a professional level by the end of the course. You will be able to provide skilful readings that are accurate, supportive, affirmative, and transformative and do it with confidence and ease.

The course covers the philosophy behind the Fool’s Journey, all 78 Tarot Cards, in-depth meanings, archetypes, mythology, numerology, astrology, and symbolism.

I’ll show you how to read the cards intuitively, card combinations, themes and flows in Tarot, timing in the cards, psychic protection, and how to build a Tarot business.

Course starts: Wednesday  8th February at 7.30 – 9.30 pm
Online by Zoom, as well as
Face-to-Face in Mont Albert Vic.
Investment: $980

To book, you can either book in online, email me at [email protected] or call/text on 0413 777 378.

About The Author

Living Tarot, doing readings, sharing and teaching Tarot is my life purpose. I love helping others transform their lives through Tarot. Together we bring insight into your current situation, inspire you or help you transform your experiences in love, relationships, money, career and abundance, fear, procrastination, pain or self-worth. Transformation and healing with Tarot is one unique path that I have created for you to identify and work through any limitation for your potential.

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